Jelmer Baas – Lead developer Cocon

October 29th 2018

Every now and then we would like to introduce the people behind Speer IT to you, today we introduce Jelmer Baas, the lead developer of Cocon within Speer IT.

“Until two years ago I was responsible for building and maintaining CoconTheWeb. With this web application we could freely use the latest technologies. My team and I now apply this knowledge to Cocon: we are working hard to build a mature three-layer architecture in Cocon with the Entity Framework. We set a solid basis for all geographic operations in NetTopologySuite, we break down existing code into separate pieces that are automatically tested for Unitrolling with a test roll, and we test the user interface automatically, and ensure that with tighter internal processes quality and stability are guaranteed, in spite of these heavy interventions.  While we continue to develop stay ahead at full speed.”