Inventory Module


(Module will be developed in the coming months)

Via the Inventory Module it becomes possible to enrich all physical objects that can be registered in Cocon with data, via the CoconTheWeb extension. This can be done, for example, during a reconstruction or maintenance. Via an interface, the user can add all the extra details to the object, which will then be processed in Cocon. Of course, the most recent photos can also be added to the object.

In addition to extra information, conflicting data or entirely new objects may show up. In that case, all the data will have to be inventoried via the wizard. This information package will go to the manager for further research.

All kinds of inventories can be started by clicking on the object in the map or searching by name. The order of inventories is shown as it will in practice; think of a cable-tube relationship. The split between extra information, conflicting data and new data will be intercepted by the module. This gives the person doing the inventory the freedom to describe the situation in its entirety without compromising the registration in Cocon. Via a Management tool, the manager will be able to easily process inventories in Cocon. This ensures that the network is again registered in Cocon more complete and more correct.

If you have questions or are interested please contact Bart Hillenaar.