Jurgen Schoolderman – Partner and Sales Director

As the first-ever person to be hired by Speer IT way back in 2004, Jurgen Schoolderman can say he has literally been part of the company from day one. The start-up stage of any business is a frenzied period in which no day is ever the same and you get the opportunity to be involved in many different parts of the business. “For example, I worked with Wilmar Aarsen – the current Service Desk Team Leader – on setting up the service desk and was also involved for some time in training and account management.”


Fast-forward several years, and Speer IT has grown into a successful, rapidly growing company. A new trainer has since taken over the training division, so we decided to catch up with Jurgen to see what he’s up to these days. “I currently head up the Sales and Account Management department, where I’m in charge of around 65% of accounts. As from 1 March, I will get to focus completely on sales and on setting up and supporting our international partners. A new account manager has recently joined our team so I can give this my full attention.”


In hiring someone who can serve as a regular point of contact for the international partners, Speer IT is taking a step in the right direction as far as its long-term objectives are concerned. Our company’s multi-year plan states that we will enter into partnerships with several international telecommunications and software partners over the next five years, through which we will be able to provide customised services to clients at the local level in Europe and beyond.