The glass fiber network is growing daily and is becoming increasingly complex. Thanks to the multi-user application Cocon, you can keep a complete overview of even the most complicated network structures. Implementation, modification, surveying, analysis… It is all quick and easy to handle, with a wide range of options and automation. Cocon is without a doubt the standard in the Netherlands, but it is also used internationally by large telecom organizations.

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Construction companies are often unaware of the location of underground cables and ducts and can cause a lot of unnecessary damage. For this exact reason, every supplier in the Netherlands is required to map its network (cable & duct information control system). Of course, managing all of this is time-consuming and highly inefficient. Klicon can handle this entire process automatically.

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Besides our main products we also supply various products and modules that are essential to your organization. Products like Workon which is a single platform to give you an overview of every project within your organization and the modules like Fieldwork which takes care of the enitre build process between you and your contractor.

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