With a single click you will have a detailed, coherent overview of your network in which all physical and non-physical components are logically interconnected. Cocon can show you the current and future situation in your network and supports the whole process from planning to documentation. Planned works, outages, construction costs, network capacity: everything is presented to you in a quick and insightful manner. And, of course, Cocon can be implemented according to your wishes.


Cocon in a remote desktop environment. The perfect solution when your company does not have sufficient server capacity. Users are able to work in Cocon on servers specially set-up by Speer IT. This will absolve you of all network administration worries, because everything that is IT related (i.e. database management, back-ups and user management) is handled by Speer IT.


The popular web version of Cocon is usable anywhere in the world. This simplified web application is easy to use and is fast on every common browser on your PC, laptop and iPad or other tablets. Access and authorization is pre-determined and verified via email. Experience CoconTheWeb for yourself.