Our Speerworks Cocon specialists

Speer IT stands out by delivering top products. To support Speer IT clients even better, they started Speerworks in 2014.

Speerworks places talents with the clients, directly in your own business process and in the way you work. At the same time, these talents have been selected and trained to remain critical, because we are certain that this helps you. This service is exclusively for Speer IT clients. In this way, we can support you optimally in the use of Speer IT products.

Employees at Speerworks are trained internally by Speer IT. During this time, they gain experience in testing new products in Cocon and the updated web environment and they get to work in the Speer IT’s professional support environment. This way they get to know Speer IT’s products thoroughly and they gain experience with diverse client questions.

You could think of Speerworks in the following situations, for example:

  • Supervising or carrying out projects whose goal is to improve the general quality of the Cocon.
  • Supervising a department during a change with respect to internal processes.
  • Implementing new areas.
  • Supervising your suppliers when they deliver projects to you.

Experience with Speer IT has taught us that every client question is unique, as is the talent that is part of Speer IT and Speerworks.

We ensure a suitable offer of talent and experience based on your wishes.

Speerworks aims for long-term, successful collaboration, so quality is always a priority, just as it is for Speer IT.

Speerworks, connecting knowledge

For questions about how to use SpeerWorks employees, please contact Kees Jonker or Myrthe Rook at: +31(0)35-6237936 or info@speerworks.nl.