Sustainability is an important theme within Speer IT. We have complete insight into our Carbon Footprint (verified by BSI), on which our CO2 policy plan is based. Speer IT is the initiator of a chain initiative for CO2 optimization in its products.

Speer IT actively participates in the “Nederland CO2 Neutraal” initiative. The goal of this foundation is to challenge companies to be sustainable and to reduce CO2 according to the Trias Energetica. This means reducing energy consumption, purchasing green energy and compensating for CO2 emissions. In addition, it is a good initiative for our company to gain inspiration. More information on this initiative on our Nederland CO2 Neutraal page (in Dutch only).

The following documents are in Dutch only:

CO2 awareness certificate

Carbon Footprint 2015, Carbon Footprint 2016 and Verification
Annual report 2017
Half-year report 2017
Annual report 2016
Half-year report 2016
Energy policy plan
Chain initiative

ProRail CO2 grant advantage project